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Government Grants for the Disabled

The federal government earmarks millions of dollars every year to be awarded as grants.  There are several different types of grants available.  The most recognizable individual grant is one awarded for education.  However, that is not the only grant that is awarded to individuals rather than organizations.  Disability grants are included in the millions of dollars available every year.  Government grants for the disabled are available for people with practically any kind of disability.  In addition to money, that helps a person with a disability pay for everyday living expenses (such as housing, food, and transportation), government grants for the disabled are also available for free counseling, equipment, and medical treatments. These grants work toward helping to improve their quality of life.

Why don’t more people apply for government grants for the disabled?  Simply because they don’t know that they are available.  First determine if you can apply for the grant by yourself or if you need the help of an organization.  Often times you will need to prove your disability.  This can be done with medical records, signed affidavits and with the help of organizations that work with people with disabilities every day.  The next step is to determine which grants you are eligible for.  Depending on how you became disabled can determine which grants you may be available for.  For example if you were injured while serving in the military and as a result became disabled then you would be eligible for government grant for disabled veterans.

Perform an online search of available grants by using specific keywords.  Knowing where to look and what grants are available is half the battle when it comes to being approved for a grant.  Be sure to review all requirements including application and eligibility requirements.  Different grants have different application requirements, but all grants will require a written proposal.  The more detailed and professional your proposal can be the more likely your chances for approval.  Include how much money you need, and what the money will be used for.  Include a monthly budget showing how funds will be allocated.  You may need to show proof of your income in addition to proof of your disability.  Your credit rating has no bearing on whether you will be approved for a grant or not.

Government grants for the disabled can also be used for workforce incentives.  This style of grant helps disabled individuals obtain employment, increase their earning potential by providing education and training, and helps them obtain important occupational skills.  Just because a person is disabled does not mean that they are helpless.  Often they are treated like sub-class citizens when they just want to be contributing members of society.  These workforce incentive grants help disabled individuals feel like they are relevant to society.

The benefits of government grants for the disabled are numerous.  It is money that can provide peace of mind, improve their quality of life, allow them to feel like they have contributed to society, and best of all does not have to be repaid.

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