Government Grants in Texas

For many of use, we hear about how folks got government grants in Texas to start up a business, improve their home, or even resume their education. On the surface, getting a government grant in Texas seems like an idea that will fit most needs, but when you actually do the investigating the restrictions that many government grants have will either keep many people from obtaining them or are meant for larger, community oriented activities. Continue Reading

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Government Car Grants

Unbeknownst to the majority of people, there are a variety of government grants available for the general population. The amount of grants available sum upwards of a total of a trillion dollars or more; however, the existence of these grants is not publicized as well as it could be. The key to discovering these grants is to do a lot of research. These grants can be used for many things such as rent payments, gas, living expenses, or even for a vehicle. Of course, there is no such thing as a government grant that will pay for a car completely; nevertheless, there are grants that will aid in the purchase or repair of a vehicle for those that qualify. Continue Reading

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Government Grants for the Disabled

The federal government earmarks millions of dollars every year to be awarded as grants.  There are several different types of grants available.  The most recognizable individual grant is one awarded for education.  However, that is not the only grant that is awarded to individuals rather than organizations.  Disability grants are included in the millions of dollars available every year.  Government grants for the disabled are available for people with practically any kind of disability.  In addition to money, that helps a person with a disability pay for everyday living expenses (such as housing, food, and transportation), government grants for the disabled are also available for free counseling, equipment, and medical treatments. These grants work toward helping to improve their quality of life. Continue Reading

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Art Grants

Do you like art? Would you like to further your career in the art industry but you need a little tweaking? Art grants are available for those wishing to make a career of their art or just for those who enjoy art. Continue Reading

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Housing Grants

Housing grants are a great way to get the financial assistance you need to own your own home or improve the one you’re in. There are a lot of places online that try to charge people money with the promise of delivering housing grants; beware of these scams. There is plenty of info available on the Internet and it’s possible for you to get housing grants without having to turn over any of your hard earned money. Continue Reading

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Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Cinema Studies

Scholarships and grants for graduate students in cinema studies are difficult to find, unless of course you know what it is that you are looking for.  Many times the scholarships and grants for cinema studies are not named specifically “cinema studies” but come under the heading of “arts and entertainment” or “drama and theater studies.”  Once you have managed to find the right combination of words that will describe your interests you can get to work finding the scholarships and grants that will allow you to pursue your dream. Continue Reading

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Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Nursing Degrees

Nursing is one of the highest areas of demand in the job market today.  It is quite understandably, therefore, that it is also one of the best-funded areas of education today for both undergraduate and graduate students.    Besides the usual federally funded grant programs such as the Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) and the State Student Incentive Grant (SSIG), there are also a wide variety of grant and scholarship opportunities available for graduate nursing students. Continue Reading

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Grants for Graduate School Horticulture

Horticulture is a field of study that is not very well understood by the general population, but which is very important from an ecological standpoint.  Horticulturists work with plants; growing and using them in a variety of ways.  It doesn’t matter if they are flowers, ornamental plants, medicinal crops, greenhouse plants, vegetables or fruits, a horticulturist works with them all, and luckily there are a good number of grants available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Continue Reading

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Graduate Student Materials Grants

Graduate Student Materials Grants are designed to defray the expenses that come with graduate work; particularly expenses that crop up with one’s Thesis or Senior Project.

Most graduate student materials grants are made available through the college or university at which the student is studying.  Usually these grants are posted in the department of study (for example: graduate student material grants for the archeology program would be found posted in the department of archeology). Continue Reading

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MPA Graduate Grants for Native American Women

A  Masters of Public Administration (MPA) Graduate Degree is a prestigious title, and not one that is commonly sought after.  In particular, most MPA programs do not have enough minority students interested in them, so they offer particularly good grants for students of minorities that are not widely represented in their particular field of study and one of the least represented minorities are Native American Women. Continue Reading

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